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2019 Composite Schedule

Jan. 7

New Hampshire at Southern Utah

Jan. 11

Utah at BYU

Jan. 12

Utah State at Pittsburgh

(with West Virginia & Eastern Michigan)

Jan. 13

San José State at Boise State

(with Air Force)

Jan. 18

BYU at Utah State

Boise State at Southern Utah

Jan. 25

Utah State at BYU

Southern Utah at Boise State

Feb. 1

Utah State at Southern Utah

Boise State at San José State

(with UC Davis)

Feb. 2
BYU at Cal

(with Arizona State)

Feb. 8

Boise State at Utah State

Southern Utah at Iowa State

Feb. 9

BYU at Air Force

(with Springfield & Seattle Pacific)

Feb. 15

Boise State at BYU

Temple at Southern Utah

Feb. 17

Utah State at West Virginia

(with Pittsburgh & Cornell)

Feb. 22

BYU at Southern Utah

Alaska at Utah State

Feb. 24

Boise State at Denver

(with Iowa State)

March 1

BYU at George Washington

Utah State at Boise State

(with Washington)

March 2

Southern Utah at Nebraska


March 7

BYU at Boise State

March 8

Southern Utah at Utah State

March 10

Southern Utah at Washington

March 13

BYU at Arizona State

(with West Virginia)

March 15

Southern Utah at BYU

March 16

Utah State at UCLA

Boise State at Nebraska

(with Kentucky & Illinois State)

March 22

MRGC Championships (Provo, Utah)

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